About Me

Five years ago I decided to follow my dreams in studying photography, photography having always been a passion. While studying my degree in photography I gained an added love for realism, and the meanings behind a photograph. Personally I fell in love with photographs that emotionally evoked a feeling inside me, and decided that this was my style of photography, making photographs that were raw and showed empathy. From the exhilarating passion of a newly wed couple, to the overwhelming love parents share with their newborn babies. Experiencing this with you is what makes my job so extremely fulfilling.

Emma Wilkinson

I’d like to share a little with you about the lady behind Emma Wilkinson Photography, me Emma!


  • I have 3 children, Eva, William and Bobby, who have been this biggest inspiration for me in the way I photograph. 
  • I studied Photography at university graduating with a first class honours. There I found a love for realism, exhibiting a photographic project on the truth behind motherhood.
  • My parenting is similar to my style of photography- relaxed. I like my children run free with not a stress in the world,  alike my wish for my clients.
  • I have a love for the outdoors and feel extremely lucky to travel to new places regularly. 

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